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Before & After

Before and After

So many of us post our before’s and after’s to measure our weight-loss progress.

Many claim that it’s not about the weight-loss, yet, the photo’s always reflect that.

I’m not here to dismiss the amazing work so many do towards their fitness and health goals.

I commend all for taking any type of action toward self improvement.

However, self-improvement is so much more than body transformation.

And sadly, the narrative of before’s and after’s scream “thinner is better”.

So, here are my before’s, after’s, and everything in between.

And guess what, I’m still just as happy, if not happier, where I am now than where I was when I was thinner.

And yes, I work out just as much as I did then!

Should my body choose to go through another transformation to a thinner me, I vow that I will NEVER shun my previous selves.

For they are all equally deserving of my love.

And they are all still ME!

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