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Updated: Apr 5, 2021

I was born to be an oppressor, not by choice, but by social conditioning. Shifting this narrative is an ongoing battle. Even when I actively fight against the oppression, I will always been seen as an oppressor first. It’s a reality I must acknowledge as I struggle to find way to bring light and relief to the ones I love.

I acknowledge this fact, but I will continue to shift and move through uncomfortable spaces to eradicate the poisonous toxicity of white supremacy that continues to permeate through the veins of far too many. I’ll mess up along the way, God knows I already have in so many ways. But that’s part of the journey. That’s part of my truth.

I never wanted to be an oppressor. And I will forever be grateful for the souls who allowed me the time and space to peel away the toxic layers of oppression I was conditioned to perpetuate. I vow to remain cognizant of these conditioned biases and how they inform my lived truth. And most importantly, how they may impact the lived truth of the oppressed.

Although I’ll never pretend to know what it’s like to be you, your wounds are mine and I will live in whatever space you need me to in order for you to heal. I see you, I honor you, I love you. #BLM

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