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A couple of years ago my wonderful nephew gifted me with a sticker that stated, “I put the hood in motherhood”. I giggled a little when I read it and thought to myself, ain’t that the truth!

I loved the idea of being a ‘hood’ mom. You know, a mom that parents however the hell she wants despite the constant judgements! But my ‘good little mom’ instincts pushed the ideas away and I proceeded to be the good little mom I was supposed to be. I would continue to raise my son and daughters according to the socially accepted norms and cling to the belief that it will all make sense one day.

Less than a year later my life would take a sudden shift that I would eventually realize, was inevitable for the purposes of personal growth and betterment. Not just for me, but for my children as well. My whole entire belief system would be challenged and questioned, but not without a fight.

Now when we take this spin on such a narrative I believe it’s noteworthy to say that just because my long-held belief system would take an important and very necessary shift, the lessons will always remain a part of me. I always find it funny that when people start to unveil their own personal soul truths, they are often perceived as lost, sinful, and needing to be saved. Every part of my belief system, past-present-future, will always be a part of me. I haven’t lost anything. I am only adding and shifting. Nothing is lost, and everything is found!

Since the moment I became a mother, my heart yearned for this ‘hood’ life. The life where you listen to your heart and live as fully and authentically as you possibly can. Unfortunately, I was taught to resist it.

You can’t be your children’s friends.

You must restrict them and further separate them from their very own instinctive truths.

You must instill fear around everything that is bad. It doesn’t matter if you find it pleasurable. If they say it’s bad, then you should fear it.

You must install rules and restrictions. Good people follow rules! It doesn’t matter what your intuition says, if it doesn’t align with the worldly narrative, then it’s wrong.

Teach, teach, teach….that’s how you connect with your kids.

I beg to differ.

You CAN be your children’s friends. And all healthy friendships have healthy boundaries.

We must EXPAND our children and deepen their connection to their own instinctive truths.

We must instill LOVE. Period! We are meant to explore our pleasures., not ignore or resist them. Be curious with discernment, not judgement.

We must encourage intuitive discernment. Rules function as control whereas intuition functions as liberation and truth. Judgement only separates us whereas discernment connects us.

CONNECT, CONNECT, CONNECT…..that’s how you teach your kids!

Be the hood in motherhood! Do it your way and give the finger to what the world says. If your kids don’t thank you later (I’m certain they will), your grandkids will!

Live life, Love life, Give life!

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