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White Mom - Lessons from my black daughter

I am a white mom, and I have black children.

Many insist that I should identify them as mixed. But in that case, aren’t we all mixed?

Let me break it down for you.

Their mother, who is has recessive genes, had sex with their father, who has dominant genes. And as science proves over and over again, dominant genes always win! Period.

And the only way around that, is if he happened to pass a hidden recessive gene with mine.

My children have heard over and over again that they are half white, despite how they present in society. And I ask….why are we so offended when children of interracial parents choose to identify as black? And why are we so insistent to inform them that they are half white? My children’s father has brown eyes, and I have green eyes. So should we also insist that they are half green-eyed? Do you see the absurdity in such a statement?

My black children have a white mom. But they are still black.

They are not denying me or my white family members by identifying as black. They are just acknowledging the person that they see in the mirror. And yet, white people are still so insistent on taking ownership of their identity.

How about this white people. Stop trying to push your whiteness onto everybody. Shut up. Sit down. And let the black and brown people teach on this matter. We have no freaking clue what it means to be brown or black. Period.

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