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Salma Akter
Jun 13, 2022
In Authors Forum
Community is a relatively important section of executive list private domain traffic. At present, most private domains connect fans through WeChat communities. What are the ways to operate the community? The author of this article has analyzed this and executive list shared it with you. A very important section of private domain traffic is the community. Because according to the current actual situation, the vast majority of private domains rely on the WeChat community to connect with fans. Under the entire WeChat ecosystem, the community can do a series of actions such as drainage, fission, and transaction. But in fact, the community can only be said to be a executive list more important section of private domain traffic, but it is not exactly the same. Of course, today is not about what is private domain, nor about the difference between the two, just a habitual talk. Having said that, today I mainly want to talk about the gameplay of the community. At present, there are many executive list ways to play the community, and one of them is the more popular one: first use your personal account to attract traffic, And finally use the means of group executive list grouping, preferential benefits, etc. The group has completed the sales transaction. In this process, the personal account is mainly responsible for the drainage work, the circle of friends is executive list mainly for brand, product exposure, and stimulation of users, while the community is mainly responsible for creating an atmosphere of activity, creating an atmosphere of panic buying, completing the harvest, and at the same time Further realization of fission. For the vast majority of retail products, this is basically the same way of playing.
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Salma Akter

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