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Delowar Hossain
Jun 16, 2022
In Authors Forum
What can the Byte Dance applet do, or what is it better at? In my opinion, small games, pan-entertainment, and content videos are definitely the general direction. products have strong executive email list entertainment genes, and with accurate artificial intelligence recommendation and information distribution, they can make these categories of small programs run faster. This is advantage. In the direction of e-commerce, ability to bring goods executive email list has been verified. In the internal testing cooperation and some brands, it also showed a strong product conversion effect. Taking the "Xiaomi" applet as an example, in April's challenge, "Xiaomi " first expanded its brand awareness through interesting advertisements and called on more executive email list than 400 talents to participate in the challenge , to drive the whole people to strive to be the " Drama Elite", and then use the "Xiaomi " applet to implant products into short videos/live broadcasts, allowing users to achieve a one-stop experience of planting and pulling weeds. This combination of "advertising + talent + topic + small program" brings considerable traffic. Even executive email list in the late stage of the event, without the promotion of the entrance. Xiaomi " relies on the ultra-high participation of the challenge. , and the long-tail effect of short video good things sharing itself still gained. A lot of traffic, and finally gained 2.07 million potential customers for "activation users every day. It is true that brand merchants can use the Douyin applet to provide users executive email list with a better consumption experience, but for small and medium-sized merchants, if their own accounts do not have enough fans to accumulate, the video content produced is not creative, and their applet is mounted. It's actually quite tasteless on top. In this regard, some people may suggest that small and medium-sized merchants. who are troubled by the above problems can executive email list find experts to cooperate with them through the star map, and let them create relevant videos and then mount their own Douyin applet on it.
Quite Executive Email List Tasteless content media
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Delowar Hossain

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