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Monira Khatun
Jun 20, 2022
In Authors Forum
Last year, you achieved 5 billion sales of bulk sms service certain products. After a happy New Year, you have been instructed by the leader. For various reasons (such as Party A's other channels are not doing well), your mission goal for this year is 50 billion. Please delete the option of resigning in your mind, and then tell your immediate leadership within two weeks, the bulk sms service solution you have come up with - between the indicators, go to 10 times the achievement . 3.1 The beginning of the story After smoking a cigarette one day, you start thinking: In a sales and business-oriented BU, the KPI must be the achievement of a certain amount -> according to different products; The total KPI amount can always be decomposed bulk sms service into the sales of different products -> the sales of products. To put it simply: it must be the unit price multiplied by the number of customers purchased -> the number of customers purchased, which depends on the number of basic customers you can reach and the target conversion rate -> the number of basic customers equals the result of adding or subtracting the stock -> conversion rate It is equal to the bulk sms service target conversion rate multiplied by the product availability. Combined with the results of last year's operation, you suggest that leaders let different groups be responsible for the corresponding indicators. After setting the corresponding KPIs for them this bulk sms service year, set a promotion ratio for different indicators as appropriate (the final product is exactly ten times), so that there is generally hope to achieve the 50 billion products. - You finally got the general framework of the story. 3.2 Inadequacy of the story After reporting the results they came up with, the leaders pointed out some deficiencies in the story while affirming them. You didn't listen at all. The next morning, after bulk sms service eating the whole family's buns, some questions from yesterday's frame that you reacted to: The unit price of some products is fixed (such as small trust products, small asset management products,
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Monira Khatun

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