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nafiche 123
Jun 20, 2022
In Authors Forum
At the beginning of the design, they will attach great importance to the design effect, and may check it repeatedly on the computer, or on the mobile app. However executive email list , the place where the application is actually used is on your machine. You may not see the problem on the computer, but it is different in the actual scene. For example, offline juice machines executive email list use screensavers for marketing when no one is using them. The operation classmates put forward a request to the design classmates: help design an event poster, the theme is that new users can experience it for only 1 yuan. After the executive email list poster came out, you were very satisfied, and asked the design classmates to add a QR code and asked to make it bigger. On weekends, you went shopping with your friends and saw your executive email list cabinets. You pulled your friends to help support the event, and finally asked your friends how the poster design was. Friends said that there are some points to improve: The title of the event should be large. The campaign is designed to attract users, and the font should be large enough that users can see it at a glance from a few meters away. Now the font is too small, and it executive email list can't be seen until the user walks to the screen, and the new effect is greatly reduced. As for how big it is, it depends on how far away you want the user to stand to see it. The QR code can be smaller executive email list. The user is coming for your activity. When they reach the front of the cabinet, it becomes inconvenient to scan the code, and they need to take a few steps back. Close to user habits.
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nafiche 123

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