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Robinrobi Seo
Jun 15, 2022
In Authors Forum
The gap between product managers is often reflected in "decision-making ability", and an important point to improve decision-making ability is to have "system thinking" ability. The so-called system thinking means that when we look at the problem, we only pay attention to the problem or the phenomenon itself, or we try to understand the behavioral laws behind the problem category email list and try to analyze the important factors that affect the goal and the relationship between these factors. connection relation. People who lack systems thinking often exhibit the category email list following symptoms: If you have the above phenomenon, then this sharing will be beneficial to you. The content shared this time is mainly from the book ". The Beauty of the System", and will be combined with my personal product thinking and experience as an auxiliary explanation. I hope this sharing will enable you to have the eyes of "system thinking" and re-look at the surrounding environment. 1. What is the system? Behind every appearance, there is a black box. Although we cannot see the black box, it is the reason category email list for the regularity. We call this black box the system. Any system consists of three building blocks : elements, connections, and functions/objectives. For example, a category email list company is a system, and its elements include employees in different positions, office space, wages, etc.; through the company system, corporate culture, collaboration and communication among company members, communication on corporate. WeChat or physical communication, Generate connections; and the company's goal may be to make money, do public welfare, or engage in category email list feelings and so on. But if any of the above elements, connections, or goals change, then the system is changed. If employees often go to team building and wash their feet together, the relationship will be closer and the degree category email list of cooperation will be improved, then even if the same employees, the company's appearance will be refreshed; System operations will also change dramatically; if we change the company's goals from doing things of long-term value to making quick money, then even with the same employees and connections, the company's operations will be completely different.
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Robinrobi Seo

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