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Shopon hossin
Jul 07, 2022
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The construction of a new anti- or post-neoliberal Country Email List political and discursive field. A confluent or articulated strategy is not yet seen, nor elements that allow us to foresee the construction of a programmatic opposition. And in this Country Email List mismatch lies the greatest strength of Lasso and the neoliberal bloc. The second scenario will be in the streets due to the challenge of the economic agenda, the budget cuts and the labor Country Email List counter-reform. The overwhelming action of the mass media has been aimed at minimizing the Pandora Papers case and stigmatizing social protest as terrorism. It is a framework of social war and internal Country Email List enemy that, in addition to closing effective conditions for dialogue and debate (beyond the kermeses between those who think alike), weakens politics and the institutions of democratic Country Email List debate. The mobilization is currently suspended, but it is foreseeable that there will be new measurements of forces if the internal enemy format persists. The times of social mobilization are Country Email List usually different from those of political emergencies, but the country's history is full of social outbursts that have ended in one fell swoop with indolent rulers. There is already a list of demands on budget Country Email List reductions, rights violations and privatizations underway. The third scenario is more general and has to do with governability and the spillover of conflicts. The question Country Email List is what political muscle the government will have to manage the long three and a half years that remain. Of course, he won the second round and that he has aligned the economic power, but he must not forget that in Country Email List the first round Lasso obtained less than 20% and that the country is not a bank.
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Shopon hossin

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